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Integrated Financial Services are the Future – Are You Keeping Up?

Data privacy, fragmented systems, security and compliance - there is no shortage of challenges for this industry. The success of IT solutions depends on successful integration. 

Modernizing financial service IT solutions is a necessity for an industry long dependent on legacy systems - read how your peers are doing it 

Digibee surveyed over 1,000 enterprise IT professionals in the first quarter of 2023 to provide insights into integration patterns, challenges, and opportunities in our annual State of Enterprise Integration report.

The 2023 State of Enterprise Integration for Finance offers some unexpected revelations about the industry’s progress:

  • 79% say they experienced more downtime than expected during integration
  • Dependence on legacy systems and a lack of skills is holding many financial organizations back
  • 74% report needing integration to address as much as 60% of their IT backlog and ecommerce migration needs

Efficient and effective data management in financial services is vital to success. But integrating new solutions with aging architecture is a challenge – and those unable to evolve are falling further and further behind.

71% of IT execs are adopting, supplementing, or replacing their enterprise integration solutions in 2023. 

What’s your state of integration? Download your copy of the report to see where you stand.

Download the report