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Let's drive innovation together!

Digibee's Partner Program aims to: 

  • Build and foster joint marketing strategies that attract and nurture new opportunities

  • Broaden the reach of our Partner's target audience

  • Deliver added value to our Partner's existing offerings & audience

  • Extend our Partner's brand identity in the integration market

We are actively recruiting global partners looking to expand their portfolio offering by adding integration technology to their product, services or practice offerings.

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Partner benefits

Partner with Digibee to attract new opportunities, expand audiences, and extend your brand identity through our integration solutions. How do Digibee Partners benefit?
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Using the Digibee Integration Platform in a bundled tech stack eliminates redundant effort and shortens delivery timelines.

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Because integration can be considered an OpEx or CapEx, our partners have flexibility when outsourcing.

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The cloud-based, SaaS-based and microservices characteristics of the Digibee platform create better efficiencies and are highly cost effective.

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Because Digibee requires little up front training and can be used effectively by any level of developer, Digibee partners are seeing dramatically higher mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and ROI.